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Border Force Seizer


If your goods have been seized by Customs (HMRC) or the Boarder Force, if you are looking for the online advice form the experts then please raise your online question at Wisma. If you want to challenge the seizure and need advice on how to apply for your return good please reach us for best online advice. Why you good are seized and how you need to get out this, all would be advised from our online adviser with just one mail form.

Wisma Border Force Seizure advices includes on following?

  • Focal Seizure
  • Generalized Seizure
  • Instant Reply
The reason for the seizure should have been explained to the person present at the time of seizure. When customs officers seize goods in transit they can also seize the vehicle that is carrying the goods.

Wisma deal with able to best advice clear on the boarder force seizure. Please contact us for more information and help

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